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Summit Systems & Equipment Pte Ltd aims to provide reliable,high quality as well as innovative product, systems and professional services to achieve customers' satisfaction and recognition as the leading equipment supplier in the municipal water, wastewater treatment and environmental industries. We are committed to continually source and acquire distributorship for “new” reliable equipment and improve our professional services to meet customers' requirements in the ever changing business environment.

Who Is Summit Systems & Equipment Pte Ltd?

Summit Systems & Equipment Pte Ltd - was established in 1999 in Singapore, distributing engineering equipment & systems to infrastructure industries for water, wastewater, sewage, desalination plants, gas & energy, gas recovery facilities as well as petrochemical, chemical and agricultural industry.

We specialize in providing reliable, high quality and innovative product & systems employing latest technology and expertise. These products are widely used in the markets for waterworks, wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants, municipal solid waste, general industry and agricultural.

Equipment & Systems marketed by Summit Systems & Equipment Pte Ltd includes:




Bio Gas Disposal Equipment (Gas Recovery Facilities)

Mechanical Draft Tube Sludge Mixers

Special Formworks Systems for construction of Intrigue and Odd Shaped Structures

Static Mixers

Valves and Flow Control Equipment


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Our Company Values

Working together with openness and trust towards a common goal for the interest of the team, the business and our customers.

Being proactive & progressive


An openness and willingness to communicate through two-way exchange of information while recognizing and accepting that each individual is different.


To be honest, sincere, professional in all our dealings and standing by our beliefs even in the face of adversity.


Constantly understanding and anticipating customers’ needs,provide products and services that meet or exceed their expectation.

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